Famous Teachers and the ‘True Form’

I have to rant a little bit today. I promise to keep it short though.

I followed Facebook pages for Tai Chi and martial arts for a few months. I left them all today. I got tired of all the folks out there, who represented the only true, original, traditional, impactful way to do a style, form or exercise.

There is no need to learn the ‘true form’ from a famous teacher. They are just selling their own personal interpretation like everyone else.

First find a teacher that teaches principles (!) and spend ample time with him/her to get a solid foundation. It will take several years.

After that, read lots of books, reflect on the ideas and learn to listen to your body, rather than following lots of famous teachers.

Practice, learn and identify the underlying principles. Keep your mind open. Trust your own heart and brain!

Keep the art alive and evolving.

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