The Form Is Just A Container

Most students try really hard to remember the form(s). Which is good, it helps us train our memory and it enables students to practice at home and not be dependent on watching the teacher.

However you should not get frustrated if your progress in memorizing seems too slow to your own standards. Remember that the form is just a container. It matters more what you put into it!

Like with a cup, the container is not the key thing (although some cups are beautiful), it’s more important what you put into it. A cup or container can bring back strong feelings and memories, but those memories or feelings always come from the content or what’s associated with the container, rarely from the innate object itself.

In Tai Chi we’d rather have you strive to understand and feel the principles and energy flows, what you put into the cup,  than to memorize the form.

Focus on the content, not the container.

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