Tuck in Your Tailbone

Tuck in your tailbone – Lower your hips and tilt them forward. Tuck in your tailbone. Pretend that you are starting to sit down and then stop halfway into the movement.

Tug in your tailbone

The teacher says “tuck in your tailbone”. That’s helpful right?

Tuck in your tailbone

What we mean with that is that you bend your knees a little and slightly tilt your hip forward. You contract the muscles on the front of your lower abdomen and let your lower back gently stretch.

We are often over pronouncing the s-curve in our back (hyperlordosis or hollow back) or in the other extreme hunching over. Contracting the muscles around our lower hip and ‘tucking in our tailbone’ helps to avoid both.

When you’re asked to tuck in your tailbone, you follow the example from your puppy when he is actually tucking in his tail and visualize that movement. Imagine how you would need to move your hips if you actually wanted (and could) tuck in your tail.

Pretend to start sitting on a chair

The other way to ‘tuck in your tailbone’ and achieve the proper posture is to imagine that you’re starting to sit down on a high chair.

You bend your knees, lower you hip and tilt it a little bit forward in order to get ready to sit on your behind. Go a little down but stop way before you would actually sit down.

It’s as if you are to sit down and then don’t.

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