Healthy Habits – Week 10: Stand More at Work

office-820390_1920Sitting all day is a main health issue these days. Our bodies were not built for sitting in the same place 10 hours per day, yet that’s what most of us do. Every day. There are countless studies that call out the various health risks resulting from such sedentary life.

Break those sitting streaks!

Get a standing desk. Stand up for meetings. Drink your water, coffee or tea standing in the kitchen, chatting with a co-worker or just looking out the window and having a moment for yourself.

To get more standing hours into your day, its most effective to get a standing desk. If you cannot do that, take your laptop and find a place where you can stand and work for repeated times throughout your day.

However standing all day is not great for your health either as recent studies have shown (every medicine becomes a poison if overdosed). So mix up your days with standing activities and sitting activities. Stand while working for a while, then go back to sitting and switch it back again after an hour. A mix of desk work and meetings throughout the day lends itself to that pattern.

Switch between standing work and sitting work throughout the day. Make your default setting a standing setup to keep up with the habit.

My last tip: if you have one of those fancy standing desks that you can roll up and down it’s easy to fall back into sitting after a short honeymoon period. It’s just so comfy and easy. Remind yourself to get back into standing by rolling up your table to the standing position every time you leave it. That way your default when you come back will be to stand.

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