Healthy Habits – Week 11: Walk at Work, Take the Long Way

We talked about standing last week and how important it is to switch between sitting and standing work. Standing is a great improvement over sitting, but we can do better. Easily.

Get in some walking time. Take the longer route.

Our modern lives are structured around convenience, or might I say laziness. We don’t need to take the stairs but can just hop into the elevator to get to the next floor. We don’t need to walk to our coworker around the corner but can just message them. We don’t even have to walk to meetings in the same building anymore since we can just join virtually from our desks.

Break that laziness and get in some activity for your body throughout the day. Instead of messaging, walk. Instead of dialing in to the meeting, just go there. The meeting is in a different building, even better, you get more walking time. Instead of taking the elevator, walk a couple of flights of stairs. If you walk to a meeting, take the longer route, not the short cut.

Maybe every now and then you can even convince your coworker to go on a walking meeting with you. Unless you need to review material in your meeting those are magic. Try it for your next 1:1.

Small changes add up, compound over time and matter a LOT in the long run. Find the ways in your daily routine in which you can squeeze in some extra movement!

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