Healthy Habits – Week 12: Go to the Gym

dumbbells-2465478_1920We started with daily push-ups in week 2 and freed some extra time in the morning by skipping procrastinations in week 3.

How about we put that time to use by going to the gym in the morning at least a couple of times a week. Don’t decide in the moment though, plan ahead of time what those days will be and block the time in your calendar. Get you gym bag ready to grab the evening before.

Make an appointment for your health. Go to the gym in the morning.

It doesn’t matter whether you go for strength, cardio or flexibility. Weights, running or Yoga are all good. Of course it’s best if you cycle through all of them and create a balanced portfolio of workouts. You can get to that over time though, starting with one type of exercise and then adding more variety as you advance.

However the most important thing is that you block some real time for yourself and your health. Make an appointment with yourself to go to the gym, individually or by joining a class. See what works best for you but make your health a priority.

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