Spiritual Balance – Week 37: Have Dinner with Friends and Family


We already talked about the importance of spending time with family and friends. One great and proven way to do that is by sharing meals together.

There is plenty of science, as well as just age-old experience, that sharing meals together serves a strong bonding function.

Share meals with friends and family. Talk about the day, thoughts, dreams and worries. Make it a priority every day.

Share meals with your teams, friends and family. Cook together or go out to eat together. While you’re sharing food, spend time talking and laughing. Play games, listen to the stories of the day.

Make this a priority every day.

Do NOT check your messages, play with your phone or read the news. Meal time is ‘together time’. Value the time others spend dining with you by giving them your full attention.

If you want to bond with your kids and share your values and priorities with them, it is critically important to share meals together. Those occasions allow for catching up on the day in a relaxed environment, sharing ideas, thoughts, passions and even worries that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Studies have shown, that sharing meals is critical for a healthy development of children. Leaving food in the fridge and having everyone snack at different times just doesn’t cut it.


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