Take a moment to count your blessings

2020 has been a challenging and crazy year. I can’t count how often I’ve heard, “I want 2020 to be gone!” over the last months. And I can relate and agree.

COVID, unrest, political bickering – all have placed huge challenges and stressors on everyone. We faced high demands at work, uncertainty in plans, and ever-changing requirements. In our private lives, requirements and directions for schooling were moving just as much, together with the suspension of social rhythms and rituals we cherished in the past.

I have a habit of reflecting on good things that happened to my family and me once every day. This week I took a broader look and reflected on the good things that this year awarded me.

Everything considered, it has been an amazing year for me so far. Yes, despite all challenges, it has been amazing. With all the dynamics of COVID, I was presented with great changes but also new opportunities. I was blown away by all the positive energy and can-do attitude that I observed every day. Every single day, I am blessed to experience an exceptional amount of comradery and willingness to help and do what is needed. All around me, I see people step up and do extraordinary work.

I encourage you to do a similar thought exercise: Take a moment to count your blessings, be proud, and optimistic about all the good things that our future will bring for us.

While we need to acknowledge the challenges, frustrations, and stress, we also need to look at all the amazing things that we get: experiences, opportunities, and comradery overcoming shared challenges.

Given all things, we are living in amazing times and we are truly blessed to be part of this generation.

Reflect on and count your blessings every day!

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