Let Your Imagination Soar

Just go ahead and let your imagination soar

I always ask my Tai Chi participants to let their imagination flow. Feel the wave pushing you back and forth while playing with your balance. Imaging the fresh air flowing into your lungs, pushing a tiny wheel behind your Qi Hai and then pushing the negative energy out of your body again.

It does not really matter what you imagine and the possibilities are endless. Think about playing with an energy sphere between your hands which you can pull and push, or you pull it apart and then it pulls itself back together again.

It can be a round ball made up of swirling energy, you can add some colors, or even sparkles and then throw it in the air to create a rainbow glittering above your head in the sky. Imagine the slime all kids love and play with it, if you need a more tactile picture.

Play with the energy and play with your visualization

Part of this is working on your focus. Kids often start understanding their own bodies by imagining little workers inside of them fighting germs, they make up stories or have imaginary friends. I think it is sad that we lose a lot of that freedom of our imagination along the way of growing up. In Tai Chi we can focus on this imagination, feel the energy flow within and use whatever image we want to without even having to tell anyone about it.

One of my favorite movements taught to me by my teacher Hilmar Fuchs is a super simple one. The walk of the warrior. Be proud by lifting up both arms and shifting forward, but also be humble by bending over when shifting backwards. Stand back up and be strong and push both arms forward and shift forward. Let everything go and shift back again and be nimble. Repeat to the other corner.

Change it up a bit! Greet the sky and greet the earth, be the human in the middle and the air/wind around us. Or just focus on your breath if your rather feel the air flowing into your lungs.

Tai Chi can carry us into never ending castles in the sky and at the same time help us focus on the being here in this moment. Feeling and seeing the energy flowing around us.

So go ahead and let your imagination soar. 

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